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January 27, 2011



One word: Yep.


I am saddened by this. It seems that there are a lot of locals going away right now. Even my favorite grocery store, and it's pharmacy are closing. I don't want to shop at the local Winco, I am a local girl who likes her Top Foods (the parent company (Haggen, started in Bellingham in the 40's). And, they gave our prescriptions to Rite Aid - don't we even get a say? Anyway, it's like losing part of the family to have a business we've patronized for 26+ years close, not to mention putting 50 or so folks out of work.



You can have your prescriptions transferred where ever you want, your not stuck with having to go to the Rite-aid that bought out the pharmacy. The easiest way to transfer is to take your bottle to the pharmacy of your choice and have them call for a transfer.

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