> Our wedding

Diego and Daddy
Ducky and the brides
Ducky at the altar
Ducky checking out Liv
The brides may kiss...Ducky!
Exchanging rings
Family fun
Family, Watson style
First Fran drinks
Then Lillian drinks
Fran and Diego
Fran and Lillian getting ready
Fran and Lillian during the ceremony
Fran and Ryan and Lillian
Fran dancing with Diego
Immediate family
Kissing, while Melissa photographs us
Laughter and tears
Laughter with the boys
Lillian and I exchanging vows
Lillian and her Aunt Helen
Moms and the kids
Moms and our boys
Picture of the photographers
Proud moms with Ryan
Drinking from our individual glasses
The whole family
The goblet
The goblet against the background painting
The kiss
Ty and Ducky
Ty and Duck and the bells
The cake
Ty and Lillian
Ty making the toast
Ty watching the ceremony
Vic, obviously plotting something
Wedding altar
Wedding guests
More wedding guests
Vic at the wedding.
Framed certificate
DP certificate
Wedding corner
Amanda and Dan and daughter