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June 14, 2007



Raz was a Rottie rescue and look at him now. Minus his bear-like stance and size and the fact he used to crave futon mattresses I think he's a picture of mental heath. Well for living at my house, and he used to live at frat house before he was dumped. He's my baby.

Then there are all the cats, the ferrets, Squish the dog, the gray parrot that cussed and bit when you left him for more than 5 hours, and the pet rats people didn't want. I even had an iguana for awhile that someone dumped on me. If they didn't live out thier lives with me they found very loving homes. And people still always ask me if I know who needs or wants a particular animal or if I knew anyone who had X animal they were looking for a home for because they wanted one.


Kit-Kat was a feral cat that I rescued. If we couldn't catch him, the people whose place he was living on planned to shoot him. They had cats, and didn't want ferals mixed in with them. I'm glad we caught him. He lived to a healthy 14 years old. Still miss him! My parents rescued a police-trained German Shepard, and he too lived to a ripe old age.

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