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October 15, 2009



Back in 1948 When Harry S desegregated the troops there was a big uproar about Blacks & whites serving together,...now you still have an uproar, blacks and whites getting married, Gays and straights serving together, gays getting married,... picture this,...50 years down the line, our grandchildren will be looking back wondering what the big deal was, and how stupid today's society was, but it's sad that we have to wait that long.


The guy sure changed his tune after being on camera for a few minutes.


Lil, I remember sitting through training films in basic (the late 80's) that were clearly shot in the early 70's. It was an real issue for the Army through the mid 80's. It took a generation dying off/going away for things to start working out. It will take Ryan's generation coming into their own for our marriage to be an non-issue. As trying as things can be at times, I can still smile and think of how far we have come from Stonewall.

People like this pastor aren't going to let go easily. Doing so would make them question themselves and that's just not going to happen. No way will they admit they might have misconstrued things. Their daddy and their daddy's daddy thought and felt this way. They were good intelligent men. They aren't going to question that. Not going to happen.

It's like telling a teenager not to do something. The more you point out they are heading down the wrong path the more entrenched they become.

There is hope. We've come a very long way from Stonewall. And besides, there is always New Zealand!

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