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October 20, 2010



"It takes a secure man to wear a Pepto Bismol pink backpack."

Or the father of two young girls.


Fair point!

Gary Corby

Ladies, it was a joy and pleasure to meet you. You made this visitor feel truly welcome and special.

You might be a trifle over-nice to me in your description, but I think we're fairly safe on the Big Name threat. Frankly, it's just so much fun to drag my over-sized suitcase into your lovely store and hang out for the afternoon.

I promise to fix the guinea pigs!


Oh, another new author. I can hardly stand it, and youknow I love almost all things Australian, particularly the speech patterns.
Um, Gary, you know what we mean here when we say we'll "fix" the pets, don't you? Do they actually do that to guinea pigs?
Or, you could let the kids continue to over feed hem until the are considered Cavies and have them for dinner, deep fried of course - after all, it's a gourmet treat in S. America.

Gary Corby

G'day Deanna,

Your "fix" meaning didn't occur to me. I'm such an innocent. I actually meant we'll reduce their weight. (Guinea pig obesity is a global issue, you know...)

If it's all the same to you, I'll avoid discussing guinea pig recipes with my daughters. But, umm, maybe choc-coated?

Janet Reid

I'm so glad you too are charmed by Gary Corby!

I think he has a very big career ahead of him, and I'm darn glad of it.

Thanks for your kind words.


I'll be reviewing it in this Friday's e-zine for the shop. I just finished it on the bus home tonight, and I cannot wait for the sequel!


She has until next Wednesday, then I abscond with the book.

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