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March 13, 2011



There are people who comment on things in an inflammatory manner JUST to get people to respond. I am often interested in people's opinions about things I read. Then when I hit one of those comments that make me want to give that person a talking to or a clue, I realize that neither would probably be welcome, and I'm unhappy. So, I usually don't read the responses (plus the sheer numbers are daunting).

My personal philosophy of commenting is not to say anything I wouldn't if the people/person were in the room with me. Many people feel like commenting online, because it may be done in the privacy of one's home, with no-one looking over your shoulder, is a private conversation. It is not. It is as public as can be and should be treated as such.

Lillian Watson

Hiding behind anonymous comments is no different than hiding behind a white sheet with eye holes cut out.

Being so afraid of the repercussions of your actions that you have to hide speaks volumes to the lack of your character or heinousness of your deeds.


Lillian, I couldn't agree more, as matter of fact, I'm borrowing your quote. You've said it all my friend.


A blog is like a house. You can invite people into your house and you can kick them out, too, if they don't behave the way you want them to. I delete inflammatory comments on my blog, I won't post hate comments, I won't accept them into MY space. If they want to trash me or my thoughts, they can get their own damn blog.

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