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August 07, 2011


Gail Wheeler

I agree with you about both Cruise and Gibson. I loved much of their work years ago, but their public persona has become so heinous, that's all I can see now. It's certainly no surprise that actors have egos, but when those egos morph into something so dark, the actor is gone and only the evil twin seems to be left! So happy you're blogging again...though I don't often comment, I love to start my day with a shot of Fran!

Baxter Clare Trautman

Interesting blog. As a young woman I ADORED Hemingway's work. I thought he was literary god. As I grew older and learned more about he man, and especially after reading his posthumous works, I realized he was a sad, misogynistic, alcoholic. (Funny how bad things end in ic - like "Ick!" - forgive the digression:) I was terribly disheartened that such a guy could have been my hero. I didn't read him for many years, until one day I picked up my faded, crumbling copy of Islands in the Stream. I was entranced from the first page. It was love all over again. No matter how pathetic the man, it didn't detract from his mastery of the written word. I've made the mistake of reading a lot of the biographies of artists I've admired. They are, like me, woefully human. Their art, however, like I believe all art does, comes from a divine source. It is a pure expression, unclouded by personal short-comings. Such a perspective allows me to keep loving the art and to develop compassion for the artist. They are indeed, and thankfully, separate. (PS - love Jack Reacher!)

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