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November 19, 2011



Great to hear your voice again, FF! Can I rent Lillian? I'll marry her myself if it means she'll fix my damn roof.


LOL, she's not fixing the actual roof; we're going to have to hire professionals for that. And, much as I love ya, I ain't sharin'. She's mine, all mine! That's why I married her, twice!


We have the electric meter in the dining room...don't know who did that bit of addition. When Arvin put in plugs, he put them upside down. When he put in dimmer switches, he forgot to wire for dual switches. He walled over 3 windows, without taking them out! You see the windows, and they look onto the wall...we will need to take them out, add studs, and then wallboard. When Arvin built the garage, he put the door on the right. Then, he built a room into the back right, and a bank of cabinets, so you can't put a car in there. So, we'll have to put a door on the left side. It will cost $2000 to move the electric meter, and more than that for the garage door...we cuss Arvin nearly every day, as we find more and more of his "handywork".

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