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Idaho snow
Cave in the rocks
Cave in Utah rocks
Fog and snow in Wyoming
Tammy and Dan's Hoquiam house
Quemado in May snow
Quemado, May 23
Denver archway
Denver architecture
Denver's capitol dome
Organ Mountains
Glacier rock in a field in NW Montana
Tornado at White Sands Missle Range
Funnel cloud at White Sands
Amanda, hailing a cab in New York
Valley of Fire in Nevada
Tornado in Chaparral, NM
Snow in Las Cruces, 2007
Denver gets a little snow, 2006
Snow in Denver, 2006
Leavenworth, WA
The Cascades
Snow in New York, Oct. 12, 2006
Even the tree is tired
Hatch, NM, flooded 2006
Hatch is flooded
Hatch levees broken
Hatch underwater
Water under the bridge
Madrona tree, up close
Madrona tree on the rocks
Deception Pass, Washington
Flooded, Hatch, NM
Downed balloon
Early morning in Enumclaw
Mountains in Enumclaw
Downtown Enumclaw
Eunumclaw old buildings
Enumclaw main street
Rock colors in NM
Close up of northern NM rocks
An old, old fence
An old NM house
Stone wall against the NM sky
New Mexico views
Wild country in northern NM
Northern NM landscape
NM geology