> Garden Wonders

Chris' house in England
Chris' garden with squirrel
Chris' garden
Tammy and Dan's Hoquiam house
Tammy's new garden
View from Mike and Kerri's swing
Mike and Kerri's garden
Koi in the Japanese Garden in Seattle
Blue heron in flight
Blue heron in the Japanese Garden.
Shrine in the Japanese Garden
My lawn ornament
Dew on the rose
Iris in a May evening
Bagel and the massacred daisies
Iris in front of blooming rosemary
Iris in May 2007
Snow covered shrubbery
Mushrooms up close
Mushrooms in the yard
Award winning flowers
Mystery flower
Japanese garden in Holland
First blackberries
Blackberry blooms
Rose burst
Starburst flower
Riotous blooms
Cascading bushes
Hidden rosebush
Weeded flowerbed
Tangled foliage
Rosebuds against the sky.
Preweeded flowerbed
Flowers in our yard
Pond lillies
Early berries
The Cookes' pond
Pretty flowers
Wild abundance
Color in the desert
Here's looking at you
Flower next to an aspen
Purple daisies
Strange flower