> Las Cruces

Dead tree in the high desert
Corner cactus in Cruces
A block of cactus
Prickly pear
Metal palms
Pool art
Old Town Restaurant
Old Town restaurant
Palm trees on Lomador
Melting barrel cactus
Overpass art
Water tank art
Water tank art
Lou's old apartment
Las Cruces apartments
Yellow brick road to the market
Downtown architecture
Rio Grande facade
Rio Grande theater
Tile inlay at the Rio Grande
Historic Rio Grande
COAS downtown
Phallic art in front of the Rio Grande
University has changed
Windmill on campus
NMSU sun dial
Young Hall
Slimy fountain
NMSU dome
O'Donnell Hall at NMSU
Zuhl library
Herschel Zohn theatre
The old music building
NMSU art
Shade on campus
Map of the campus
Close up view of campus map
Signpost on campus
Corbett Center
Corbett food court
NMSU buildings
Melting adobe house
Adobe garage
Billy the Kid in old Mesilla
Cathedral in Mesilla
Gazebo on the plaza
Fountain Theatre
La Posta