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Macy and Spike
Macy and Spike
Spike loooves my purse
Macy eying my purse
Mort being friendly
Mortimer shaking
Mort looking noble
Ninja on the mantel
Porter on Liv's lap
Boys eating cake
Llelo, the birthday boy
Llelo's cake
Abbey the Wonder Dog
Schubert and Boggart
Sandi Ault
Schubert and Bagel
Gus and Lleo
Llelo needs a tummy rub
Baby Llelo
Abby guarding the campsite
Peanut Butter
Make him give them back, Mom!
Greta wistfully
Eldridge looking for his pig
Atticus and one of his mommies
Atticus and Eldridge and their two mommies, and a friend
Atticus and Eldridge
Eldridge giving kisses to one of his mommies
Spike's bathtime
Macy, cleaning Spike
Naked Gizmo
Macy loves ice cream
Grendel in the snow
Grendel as a puppy
Grendel and his squeaky bone
Bubba and his "friend"
Harvey's cat
Dan and Bubba