> Our wedding

Wedding certificate, unsigned
Happy couple
Messages on the steps
More messsages on the steps
The table, ready for food.
The Duken boys
Sarah looking at Lake Union
Lake Union
Sarah and Melissa
From the mezzanine
Tammy and Dan look up
Dizzying stairs
Ducky the photographer
Shannon and Vic and Ducky
Some say this is the best shot of me!
JB and Gretchen
Us, directing things
Gretchen, JB, Janine and Melissa
Liv, looking stunning
Ty and Ducky
Waiting to get started
We promised
Rubbing my back
Cara, officiating
Aunt Helen and Lillian
Robin, me and Lillian
We're happy
Us and Ryan
Family in the sun
Us and the kids
Mike and Laurie
Kerri, Mike and Deanna
Ducky inspecting the glasses
Dan and Richard
Janine and Gretchen
Curtis and Lillian
Lillian and Sandy
Sending wishes
Tammy and me and JB
Melissa and Ducky dancing
Me and Ty
Full moon over Lake Union
A joyous occasion
Candles burn for hope
Cara and Fran and Lillian
Co-mingling the wine
Cutting the cake